Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur

During the 5-day workshop, students focus on a variety of topics and activities in Innovation and Technology, and they will receive hands-on training to develop their skills in public speaking, programing, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity and confidence and resilience – the characteristics of today’s leaders.

Students will be introduced to coding with the principles of how to build a web application.

Students will also learn the fundamentals of starting their own business and creating their first website. They will have fun together.

Students will visit Vancouver business in the innovation / technology industry. They will share their products, ideas and inventions during a week end celebration.

With entrepreneurial mindset, we expect students dare to dream, keep up their curiosity and expand their creativity to excel their talent and skills in the real business and technology world.


Activate Your Future Vancouver Summer Camp 2017 溫哥華啟動未來夏令營 | Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur
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