Safeteen – Powerful Alternatives to Violence


Safeteen is an internationally acclaimed Violence Prevention program, which has been endorsed by school districts, teachers’ federations, psychologists, health professionals and parenting experts world- wide. This program, embraced by teens and praised by educators and parents, provides a unique assertiveness model and violence prevention “language” that can be integrated into school and family culture. The process is designed to provide youth with tools to manage fear and anger and to identify their own voice of wisdom. With the Safeteen skills, teens can connect with the power and wisdom within and speak from an authentic place of strength. They can hold their power and speak their truth and come from love.

Parents’ Program

As parents and educators we may feel afraid – and at times powerless as our children move out from under our protective wing and begin to navigate the dangerous terrain of adolescence. Sex, drugs, violence, eating disorders, bullying, suicide, drinking and driving…and the uncharted territory of the Internet. We are holding our breath, hands over our eyes, peeking out between our fingers. We can see our teenagers teetering on the brink of a precipice, arms outstretched. Our media and TV-culture fed youth are perched in precarious denial armed with the “Immortality Syndrome” (That could never happen to me!).

It is clearly not enough to tell our teens over and over, that violence is not acceptable, and to advise them to report it, to just walk away…(the two things that teens tell us they won’t do!) It is clearly not enough to say, don’t do drugs, abstain from sex / use condoms / stop bulling. We need to be able to teach our children how to negotiate these potentially life-altering moments — How to say, no and handle peer pressure. How to walk away without giving up their dignity. How to access the part of themselves that can make wise choices – even in the heat of the moment.

The focus of this presentation for parents and professionals will be the acquisition of concrete skills – skills to use and to pass on to the teens we live and work with. Skills, which empower us as adults and enable our youth to cope with the verbal, emotional and physical threats that they are exposed to every single day.

“Teaching our children to make choices from a place of inner wisdom can be the best prevention strategy of all.” – Anita Roberts

Boys’ and Girls’ Program

Teens can experience tremendous pressure and anxiety both online and face-to-face. They struggle with the need to fit in, body image issues, gender stereotypes, sexual consent and violence de-escalation techniques. This is a dynamic, skills-based, experiential workshop.


  • Connecting with Inner Power & Wisdom
  • Standing Up and Speaking Up Without Violence
  • Fear and Anger Management
  • Body Language Skills

Healthy Relationships

  • Defining Healthy Relationships
  • Defining Consent
  • Preventing Emotional and Physical Abuse
  • Building and Respecting Boundaries

Cracking the Boy’s Code

  • Sex Role Stereotyping
  • Examining Traditional Masculinity
  • Embracing a Full Humanity
  • Choosing Non-Violence

Verbal Violence

  • Speaking Up Without Violence
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Racism, Sexism and Homophobia

Physical Violence

  • De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations


Activate Your Future Vancouver Summer Camp 2017 溫哥華啟動未來夏令營 | Safeteen – Powerful Alternatives to Violence
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