Goal of the Summer Camp: "Activate Your Future" Summer Camp in Vancouver focuses its programs on keeping up teenagers' curiosity, transforming their creativity and observation into innovative design with an entrepreneurial mindset, by helping them discover their own core values. We can help them with awakening their potential with respect for our environment, and developing their skills in expressing their ideas in public with confidence. In addition to the above aptitudes, we believe that the future winners and leaders are those who are willing to be responsible for creating a better community and eventually, a better world with their hearts.

Time: July 10 to July 28, 2017

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Target Participants: Boys and Girls aged between 10 and 17, who often have ideas IN NEED of structure, creativity without form, and passion about business and technology. These young people are interested in becoming entrepreneurs, have a great love of community, and expect to communicate and interact confidently with friends and people in groups.

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Workshops & Qualifications of Facilitators:

Program Outcomes: Through 3 weeks of training, we expect that the participants will start to observe opportunities around them with an entrepreneurial mindset, will respect self and others, express their own ideas bravely and with confidence, and will link their power with wisdom to protect not only themselves, but others, as well.

"Activate Your Future" Summer Camp is hosted by: ASolution Services, Inc.

Partners: MPower Lives, Safeteen, Startup Skool

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